​ Marion is a French jeweller who lives and works in Hampshire, England. Trained in the traditional Arts and Crafts Ecole Boulle in Paris, Marion draws her inspiration from her surroundings but also from the Japanese aesthetics and the “Wabi-Sabi” philosophy: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.
Today, her background as a sculptor in a bronze foundry deeply influences her approach to contemporary art jewellery. She has been experimenting with a sculptor’s wax she heats up then twists and stretches to create beautiful striations. However the wax cools down so fast that she has no time to think about design so she simply lets her hands follow the natural movements of the wax, allowing the material to express itself to its full potential. The result highlights the unpredictable nature of the warm wax as well as the spontaneity of her gesture and movements. Once cast in recycled silver or gold, the piece becomes hard and strong while looking soft and fragile. The perfect high polish of the inside of her rings creates a beautiful contrast with the matte finish and makes them very comfortable to wear.

Marion exhibits throughout the UK and France - and her work has also been shown in exhibitions in the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and China. She exhibits at selected retail galleries as well as welcoming private clients in her studio in Winchester, Hampshire, UK.


All her creations are handmade, either one-offs or small series, using recycled or Fairmined metals, and fully traceable stones sourced in respectful conditions as much for the miners as for the environment. She is very much into the idea (and the actions) of living on this planet with a minimum impact on the environment and on the life of miners. In her studio, she makes the greatest efforts to use very little chemicals and to replace hazardous ones by more environmental options.

           Je suis une créatrice de bijoux française installée dans le sud de l’Angleterre. Mes créations sont impregnées de mon attrait pour la matière et les textures. Mon passé en tant que ciseleuse et patineur sur sculptures en bronze influence considérablement mon approche de la bijouterie contemporaine.

Je suggère les oppositions entre nature et culture, naturel et artificiel, sauvage et domestique et j’accentue les contrastes de couleurs, textures, matières…
Mon inspiration s’enrichie de mon environment quotidien immédiat mais aussi de la culture japonaise et du “Wabi-Sabi”: soit la beauté de ce qui est éphémère, imparfait et incomplet.
Je laisse une place au hasard et aux imprévus, et je tends à laisser la matière s’exprimer par elle-même. J’utilise la technique de la fonte à la cire perdue mais aussi je cisèle, martèle, soude et patine le métal afin de concrétiser mes idées.

Toutes mes créations sont des pièces uniques ou des petites séries entièrement faites à la main et fabriquées en utilisant, autant que possible, des métaux recyclés ou Fairtrade, reflétant ainsi mes convictions de vivre sur cette planète en ayant un impact minimum sur l’environnement mais aussi sur la vie des mineurs.

Marion L.

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was born April 12, 1988 in Clermont-Ferrand – France
She currently lives and works in Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Professional experience
- Jewellery tutor at Eastleigh College,
Thornden school since May 2017
- Self employed at Marion L. Jewellery
since December 2014
- Morris Singer Foundry, Lasham, Hampshire, UK (Chasing & patination on bronze, wax molding) - 2011/2014
 - Cabiria (metal workshop) Charbonnieres-les-Vieilles, France - August/September 2011 
- Yannick Chastang LTD (furniture restoration workshop) Sittingbourne, Kent, UK  - 
 - Ezeka (metal workshop)  Montreuil, France - 2009/2010

- Theatre set construction for the play: "Des corps/Décors" - ​Paris, France - February 2010.

- Jewellery casting workshop
- Winchester, February 2019
- Seminar about Ethical Jewellery -
City Lit, London - February 2015
- Structured jewellery - City and Guilds Certificate in Design and Creative Techniques - Level 2 & 3 (merit) - London, UK - 2012/2014
- Wax modeling, chasing and ornemental engraving - Ecole Boulle & Ecole Nicolas Flamel - Paris, France - 2010/2011
- Diplome des Métiers d'Art equivalent to BA course in Art & Craft Design, bronze mounting - Ecole Boulle - Paris, France 2006/2009
- Baccalauréat Arts Appliqués equivalent to A level Applied Arts option - Lycée Descartes - Cournon d'Auvergne, France - 2002/2006

- Jewellery & luxury accessories - Sandrine Huet Créations - Paris, France -April/May 2008
- Foundry, Mirror making and Art turning at the Ecole Boulle - Paris, France - 2007/2008
- Interior Decoration - Boulder, Colorado, USA - 2007

- Muriel Wilson Fundation grant for a patination project at the school of Jewellery of Québec City, Canada - 2019
- INMA Prize (National Institute of Arts and Crafts) for "Silk", the diploma project at the Ecole Boulle, Paris - 2009